Most of the ORIGINAL WORK on this page is FOR SALE by the artist, and in some cases PRINTS AVAILABLE as well.
Please put a piece in the cart, or write me at loprestiarts@yahoo.com , for purchasing information.
Drop me a line, and we can discuss any questions you might have, in regards to purchases..
I am also able to contact the artists for any commission offers, as well. 

The Gallery receives 15% of sales proceeds, for operating fees; and the artists themselves are responsible for shipping costs.
Please be aware that any purchases outside of the United States, will have an additional $100-200 charge, added to the price.
I use Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, and snail mail / USPS,  for payment. 


Here is the information in regards to prints.. Please note, not all pieces are available for (immediate)  prints.
Please contact me for inquiries. The professional company we use offers 2 types of paper, and two sizes.
There is no money back guarantee for purchases. 
The two premium cotton rag papers available are Moab Entrada Rag Natural 300,
and the Hahnemühle William Turner. The rag natural has a texture that is quite smooth, similar to watercolor paper or perhaps a dollar bill. While the William Turner has a more textured, mold made appearance, almost like relatively smooth tree bark.
There are a various number of sizes to choose from,
and here is a basic price guidelines. Half of the proceeds go to the Print shop, 15% to the gallery, 35% to the artist.
Framing options are available as well. 

11x14 in. ~ 90$
11x17 in. ~ 95$
12x12 in. ~ 85$
12x44 in. ~ 210$
16x20 in. ~ 145$
20x20 in. ~ 195$
20x24 in. ~ 200$
20x30 in. ~ 240$
24x36 in. ~ 330$
30x30 in. ~ 350$
30x40 in. ~ 445$
30x45 in. ~ 510$
30x50 in. ~ 560$
30x60 in. ~ 670$
44x66 in. ~ 1030$